Leptopius duponti

Leptopius duponti

  • Location Australia
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Age: Pleistocene-Holocene.

Location: Elliston, South Australia. 

Measures: 5,2 cm x 3 cm

Sand or gravel nodule containing the pupa or chrysalis of the Leptopius weevil.

The adult beetle feeds mainly on acacia leaves. The female lays her eggs in the leaves of the tree, when the eggs hatch, the larva descends to the base of the tree, there it lives underground feeding on the roots or underground stems. When fully developed it prepares to pupate by making a chamber, or cocoon, where the beetle's change from larva to adult can be experienced. However, instead of spinning a cocoon, the larvae makes a cell in the earth by tamping the soil around it to form a hard wall, perhaps exuding a secretion that causes the earth or sand to form a whole like concrete. The larva enters the pupal stage, which lasts for a few months. The new adult then makes its way through the wall to the surface and climbs a tree ...

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