Protopriapulites haikouensis

  • Protopriapulites haikouensis

Protopriapulites haikouensis

  • Location China
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Age: Cambrian.
Location: Yunnan province.
Every biologist belief thah Precambrian and Cambrian animals were ancestor off all evey living creatures today. They all agree thah the oldest fossils are simple algae and single-celled organism. It almost 600 million years ago when animal evolution demonstrated an unmatched burst of creativity: Those event known as the Cambrian Explosion. Cambrian explosion was characterized by the sudden and roughly simultaneous appearence of many diverse animal forms. The Chengjiang fossil fauna from Lower Cambrian, discovered in 1984 about 52 Km. SE of Kunming. South China, is equaled only by the Middle Cambrian Burgess Shale fauna (British Columbia) in its excellent state preservation

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