Lunar meteorite: Bechar 007

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Type............... Lunar meteorite, feldspathic breccia.

Found.............2022 March 24.


Mass...............46,9 g 

Measures: 5,4 cm x 3,4 cm x 2,9 cm

Many small stones were found together in Algeria on March 24, 2022, with a total mass of 1084 g, lacking a fusion crust, and have eroded light brown exteriors. The interiors are gray with small diffuse white clasts and few and visible minute metal grains. These pieces show some heterogeneity in their composition, but all contain calcium plagioclase clasts, mainly anorthite, olivine, pyroxene with low Ca content, and augite within a very fine-grained, sparsely microvesicular matrix containing Tichromite, troilite, kamacite, and baryte.

Lunar meteorites are rocks found on Earth having been ejected from the Moon by the impact of an asteroidal meteor or possibly a comet on its surface, they remain in space for a long time, but sometimes they cross Earth's orbit and end up crashing, even after millions of years.

These meteorites are known to be from the Moon because lunar rocks were collected and brought to Earth on the Apollo missions.

Lunar meteorites are the only rocks on the Moon that can be legally bought or sold from an individual.

All the rocks obtained in the Apollo missions are considered the property of Humanity and for the benefit of Science, so their private possession is illegal, in addition to their sale and purchase. The small samples of lunar rocks obtained by the Russian Luna 16 probe are also not available to the general public.


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