• Plumulites tafennaensis

Plumulites tafennaensis

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Age: Ordovician-Katian.  

Formation: Upper Tiouririne.

Location: Isthlou, Morocco. 

Plate measures: 8,6 cm x 7 cm 

Plumulites measures: 6 cm x 2 cm

Plumulites belongs to the group of Machaeridian, group annelids or segmented worms but armored known from the Early Ordovician to the Carboniferous.
Plumulites had a strong limbs to walk, arranged in the form of bristles, and a set of plates on the back mineralized -shield plates-. These plates were rigid, but they could move relative to each other giving the animal a protective armor very similar to the flexible metal armor invented by humans 450 million years later. Possibly, this feature helped him survive. These articulated specimens reach about several centimeters long, and are very rare, hence the limited degree of study since its description in 1857.
The group had been variously assigned to echinoderms, annelids, barnacles and molluscs, before the discovery of a fossil that preserved the soft tissue that classify annelids firm, in 2008. This affinity with annelids came as a surprise, since it is the only case of this development group calcitic armor.

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