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Class............ Iron meteorite, IIIE-an.
Locality......... Xinjiang, China.
Measures...... 2 cm x 1 cm x 0,2 cm
Mass............ 3 g 
Metal meteorite pendant (aletai) with extendable leather cord and silver washer.

Meteorite cut, polished and treated with a nitric acid solution so that the Widmanstätten structures can be seen.

The Widmanstätten structures are the result of the intergrowth of bands of taenite and camacite, two alloys of iron and nickel, produced by very slow cooling (on the order of 100 ºC to 10,000 ºC per million years), over periods of up to 10 million years. This structure cannot be reproduced in the laboratory, so its presence constitutes unequivocal proof of the authenticity of a meteorite. They are present in certain metallic meteorites and lithosiderites.

The box is included in the price.

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