O. Opiliocarida

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Age: Oligocene-Miocene.

Location: Mina la Cumbre, Dominican Republic. 

Dominican amber is a fossil resin of vegetable origin that comes from the legume Hymenaea protera, dated between 25 and 40 million years.

Dominican amber differs from Baltic amber by being more transparent, and by having a greater number of fossil remains.

Opilioacariformes are mites with a strange appearance and are considered phylogenetically primitive, since they maintain 6 pairs of eyes and abdominal segmentation.

Mites are a subclass of arachnids that in most cases are tiny and reach a few millimeters in length, they are one of the oldest groups of terrestrial animals; Fossils are known from the Lower Devonian, about 400 million years ago.

Weight: 1,05 g 

Measures: 1,6 cm x  1,4 cm

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