O. Araneae

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Age: Oligocene-Miocene.
Location: Mina la Cumbre, Dominican Republic. Fossil resin of vegetable origin that comes from the legume Hymenaea protera, dated between 25 and 40 million years.
Dominican amber differs from Baltic amber by being more transparent, and by having a greater number of fossils. 

This piece contains a spider with "boxing glove" shaped pedipalps that deliver the sperm into the female's body.

In most arachnids there is no true copulatory organ, but modified appendages, which act as such, which in the case of spiders are the pedipalps. The introduction of sperm is indirect in Araneae, for which the sexes must meet and the female accept the male.

Weight: 0,9 g 

Measures: 2,4 cm x  1,4 cm

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