O. Scolopendromorpha

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Age: Oligocene-Miocene.

Location: Mina la Cumbre, Dominican Republic.

Dominican amber is a fossil resin of vegetable origin that comes from the legume Hymenaea protera, dated between 25 and 40 million years.

Dominican amber differs from Baltic amber by being more transparent, and by having a greater number of fossil remains.

This piece contains a scolopendra. The scolopendromorphs are an order of chilopod myriapods (class Chilopoda) that includes the scolopendras and numerous other species commonly known as centipedes.​

As in the rest of the chilopods, in the first segment of the trunk it has a pair of venomous fangs, called calipers, which are the first pair of legs modified into two large nails associated with a venom gland. These are used both for defense and to capture and paralyze prey, acting as additional mouthparts.

Centipedes are characterized by having one pair of jointed legs on most of their body segments, unlike millipedes which have two pairs of legs.

Weight: 6,8 g 

Measures: 5,1 cm x 2,6 cm

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