Ghadamis. Hammadah al Hamra 346

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Class............ Stone Ordinary Chondrite L6.
Locality......... Gharian, Libya.
Measures....... 8,5 cm x 8 cm x 9 cm
Weight.......... 1326 g

On August 26, 2018, a large fireball was seen and heard in the southern region of Jabal al Gharbi district in Libya. In early 2019, hundreds of newly fused crusted stones, weighing a total of more than 100 kg, were found scattered over several kilometers. Given the complete lack of weathering of the stones, it is possible that they came from the 2018 meteor seen in this region. Stones from this possible fall are currently sold under the name Ghadamis.

This meteorite, in question, has a mass of 1326 grams, intact stone covered by a fresh, matte black, fusion crust that lacks evidence of external abrasion by wind. In the area where the fusion crust is missing, the meteorite shows a light grayish interior, which has very slight brownish spots on the exposed metal.

The meteorite displays a recrystallized texture composed predominantly of low-Ca olivine and pyroxene grains of balanced composition in some regions showing 120 degree triple junctions. Few flattened and outlined PO, BO (up to 1 mm) chondrules and relict PP are present. The matrix contains plagioclase, chromite, merillite, troilite, taenite and kamacite.


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